All Dept of Minnesota Chapter Commanders and Chapter Adjutants

There is an opening for the position of Dept Trustee which presently is a  3 year position that will become a 2 year position after the May 2018 Dept Convention and a 1 year position after the May 2019 Convention.

Please send via US Mail a short resume about your self, your positions held in the MOPH including any you might hold now and a reason why you would like to fill the position or someone that is in your Chapter would want to fill this position.

Mail all correspondence to MOPH, 20-12th St W, Room 163D, St. Paul, MN 55075. We would like to have all responses by those interested in the Dept hands by the 15th of March at which time an email will be sent out to all Chapter Commanders and or Adjutants with the copies of the letters for a decision to whom you would like to see fill this. Since some Chapters are a distance away and travel may or may not be possible due to weather etc, emails then to the Dept Adjutant with your choice can be made and then an Exec Board meeting will take place to determine who would then fit the position the best.

Chuck Jones

Dept Adjutant