Youth Activities Program ROTC/JROTC


The Military Order of the Purple Heart’s Youth Programs are focused on fostering patriotism and good citizenship among Armerica’s youth. We recognize outstanding leadership in cadets and midshipmen through the Senior and Junior ROTC programs in the United States and Department of Defense Dependant Schools worldwide.

The need to work in concert with our VAVS program is paramount as we attempt to remind our young of the commitment and sacrifice of those veterans in our medical facilities. They must never be forgotten. We plan to work in concert with the Boy and Girl Scouts of America in an effort to encourage Scouts to develop a merit badge for caring for our Nation’s Veterans through volunteer service.

Many new programs are on the horizon and we look forward to working with the Patriots of the Military Order of the Purple Heart to make these successful. While it remains important to stay committed, we must focus on the need to set a higher standard for our Patriots and to interface positively setting the example for our youth with regards to their commitment to our veterans

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