Chapter officers 2018

Cmdrs and Adjutants
   Don’t forget that your newest Election @ Finance reports have to be at National and the Department Office by the LAST DAY in APRIL, also don’t forget about doing your chapter IRS 990-N FORM. If it isn’t at both places by 30 April 2018, it will affect your Chapter Rebate and also the amount of votes at the National Convention in Seattle
   There are ( NO ) exceptions
        If you haven’t sent to the Dept Office yet, please get working on it ASAP
                              & Ryan
 click on-
As of 4/26/2018  on National Headquarters website-
Chapter ID Chapter Name Election Finance Form 990 Life Verification
0005-MN-2 Nels Wold
0008-MN-2 Clayton Carmichael
0056-MN-2 Duluth
0194-MN-2 McComas-Lunde
0268-MN-2 Twin City
0308-MN-2 St Cloud
0745-MN-2 Robert C. Ellsworth
0807-MN-2 Prairie Land Defenders
0987-MN-2 Northern Suburban Metro Area
1977-MN-2 Red Wing
5555-MN-2 Winona
7110-MN-2 Lloyd – Swenson

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