Department Officers


Past Department Officers

2023 – 2024 Officers

The following officers were elected and/or appointed.  Starred (*) positions are elected positions.  All others are appointed.  A Patriot may not hold more than one elected position.


Position  Name Email Phone
*Commander John Marshall [email protected] 218-348-2929
*Senior Vice Commander Willie B. Pargo [email protected] 612-965-1621
*Junior Vice Commander David Bellis [email protected] 952-500-3701
Adjutant David Bellis [email protected] 952-500-3701
*Finance Officer William Bull 952-594-2374
*Judge Advocate Michael Richardson [email protected] 612-669-3335
*Inspector Chuck Jones [email protected] 763-607-0245
*Sergeant-At-Arms Wally Lind [email protected] 952-469-1526
Chaplain Dan Revsbeck [email protected]
Legislative Officer
Chuck Jones [email protected] 763-607-0245
Chief of Staff Chuck Jones [email protected] 763-607-0245
VAVS Willie B. Pargo [email protected] 612-965-1621
V4V Michael McElhiney [email protected] 507-202-4343
1yr Trustee Greg Moon [email protected] 651-788-2492
2yr Trustee Michael Richardson [email protected] 612-669-3335


Auxiliary officers for the Department of Minnesota 2023-2024



Position Name
President Sheryl Osburn
Senior Vice President Diane Lind
Junior Vice President Miriam Holtan
Secretary Diane Lind
Treasurer Linda Bellis
Sergeant-At-Arms Paula Case
Chaplain Maggie Bondorant
Historian Betty Peck
Marshall Agnas Kovar
Trustee 1 Year Maggie Bondurant
Trustee 2 Year Betty Peck
Trustee 3 Year Paula Case
Patriotic Instructor Diane Lind
Musician Susan Anderson
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