Heroes to Heroes program a life-changing journey to Israel


Heroes to Heroes Foundation provides spiritual healing and peer support for American Combat Veterans who have attempted suicide or are on a path to self-destruction due to moral injury or Term Moral Injury.

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The Heroes to Heroes Journey: A Year of Self-Renewal

The Heroes to Heroes program begins with a 10-day journey to Israel. Teams of 12 to 14 Veterans are led by two coaches (alumni of the program) and are joined by three Israeli counterparts.

Why Israel?

Israel offers our Veterans a place where they can unashamedly experience their faith. By having the opportunity to visit sites such as Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the Via Dolorosa and Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and the Galilee, our Veterans can physically experience their faith as part of a group that is nonjudgmental and has open hearts. Having the opportunity to be baptized in the River Jordan helps them start over, beginning a new life.
There is no other place in the world where our Veterans can experience this!
During their journey, our Veterans experience the following:
• Reconnection to their faith
• Forgiveness
• Peer-to-peer camaraderie
• Peacefulness and emotional relief
• The ability to finally come home

The Return Home

Heroes to Heroes teams are geographically based. Upon their return home, teammates stay connected for a minimum of one-year. Activities include a weekend reunion featuring a speaker to reinforce lessons learned in Israel. They also take part in college campus visits to introduce the next generation to the challenges our veterans face and how the journey to Israel impacted their lives. Enduring contact with team members and their Israeli ‘brothers’ is encouraged during the year and beyond.

To date, over 200 veterans have taken the Heroes to Heroes journey.

Application for Citizens of the United States/US Military Veterans

Heroes to Heroes teams up 10 veterans for a life-changing journey to Israel. Each team includes 10 Americans, five Israelis, and two team coaches (veterans from both combat and the Heroes to Heroes program).
Our program is designed to help our participants develop social and emotional bonds with one another while exploring their spirituality and pushing themselves physically. Teams meet via Skype to get to know one another prior to the journey and stay together via Skype and social media upon their return to the United States.
Heroes to Heroes Foundation is currently accepting applications. 

    1. American Military Combat Veteran.
    2. Able to travel overseas.
    3. No previous travel to Israel.
    4. Hold Passport.
    5. Commitment to team for one year post trip.
    6. Agree to give Heroes to Heroes a $500.00 refundable deposit ( refunded on return to US )

CLICK HERE to Fill Out and Submit Application Online for Citizens of the United States/US Military Veterans

How can you help?

1. Donate
2. Hold a parlor meeting (a Heroes to Heroes alumnus will speak)
3. Run a fundraising event
4. Join a local committee to support a team
5. Represent Heroes to Heroes at your Church or Synagogue
6. Take part in a Heroes to Heroes event (Golf Outings, Gala, Team Send-Offs)
7. Make Heroes to Heroes your birthday or bar/bat mitzvah project
8. Save a life: Recommend a Veteran to take part in our program

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