Purple Heart Day on August 7 is the kind of day created to give back.

Purple Heart Day on August 7 is the kind of day created to give back.

It’s a day for Americans to remember and honor the men and women who bravely represented their country and were wounded or killed whilst serving. These people are decorated with a Purple Heart in the name of the President, and this day is for remembering them and their sacrifice. Some states, counties, and cities pause in recognition, as do some sports and entertainment entities. Military and veteran organizations also hold meetings for remembrance. Join us as we honor those that have been given a Purple Heart.


1.    Donate to the MOPH

This is a great time to donate to the Military Order of the Purple Heart. You can pay your respects by aiding those who bore the burden of battle. You can also support wounded veterans by buying a purple heart Viola Flower from a Military Order of the Purple Heart member in support of their Veterans Assistance Programs.

Please donate now.  You will also find a donate button on the upper right hand side of every page on this website.  Thank you for your support.

2.   Learn more about the military

Educate yourself on the military and what they do. Read the stories of people who have been in a battle to understand why the Purple Heart awards are so important.

3.   Use #PurpleHeartDay online

If you have a family member or friend who served for the U.S. and has a Purple Heart share their story with #PurpleHeartDay on Twitter and Instagram.

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