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THIS ORGANIZATION IS HELPING VETERANS RECEIVE BENEFITS FROM INSURANCE PAID FOR DURING ACTIVE DUTY, FINANCIAL SERVICES AND OTHER BENEFITS AT NO COST. is an organization that is striving to make sure that every wounded veteran receives all of his or her benefits.  Specifically, We believe that many service members who were injured while on active duty, did not receive the proper amount of benefit they paid for via TSGLI (Traumatic Injury Protection Insurance – Traumatic Service Members Group Life Insurance).

Any service member who was injured while on active duty (does not have to be combat related) since the program started on December 1, 2005, and lost the ability to take care of him/herself (two activities of daily living) for at least 15 days, should be eligible for a payout of at least $25,000.  Depending on the injury and the circumstances, the benefit could be up to $100,000.  Service members pay a monthly premium while on active duty for this coverage, and many of them do not understand or are not aware of the benefit.

Click here to read TSGLI details provided by the VA.

Moreover, veterans who do have SGLI or TSGLI can receive free lifetime financial services and a host of other benefits at no cost. We are also inviting those with SGLI and TSGLI to a Fourth of July Disneyland Trip. We are the title sponsor to the 4th of July Disneyland Trip, and the application and details have just been opened up!  We will be providing travel coordination and financial education and assistance.  Click here to read more.  Come join us for the fun. Meet your team, veterans and other military survivors.

As a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran myself, (RANGERS) I understand how important organizations like the VFW, MOPH, Amvets and others are to the veteran’s community.  My hope is that I can locate potentially eligible veterans, and help them apply for and receive what they are entitled to.

Please feel free to call our specialist Tonya Armstead at 410-688-1242 or email her at Let us sign you up for the help you deserve.

Sincere regards,
Walter Carmona


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